Picayune Veterinary Clinic Staff

Pearl River County's Compassionate Animal-Care Team

Candice Burge, Office Manager

As office manager, Candice oversees the daily operation of Picayune Veterinary Clinic. She's been a member of the hospital's animal care team since 1998, and was a veterinary technician before her current role.

Candice provides a sense of unity to the medical team at Picayune Veterinary Clinic, enjoying her day-to-day interactions with both the hospital's employees and clients. "I love the passion shown by our doctors and staff," she says. "We are a work family."

Outside of work, Candice enjoys spending time with her family and loves to sew. She has a West Highland terrier named Herbie, a Yorkshire terrier named Winston, and has several horses.

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Erica Berry, Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Technician Erica Berry has been in the animal care field since 2008. Her favorite part of being a veterinary technician at Picayune Veterinary Clinic is assisting during dental exams. She holds a college degree in science.

At home, Erica has two labs named Cain and Tank, two Great Danes named Cope and Hagen, an Australian shepherd named Bucky and a Golden mix named Nola. She also has three horses named Zip, Hickory and Magic, as well as a donkey named Stewart.

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Cassy Frierson, Veterinary Technician

Cassy Frierson joined the animal care team at Picayune Veterinary Clinic in January 2015. Her responsibilities include aiding veterinarians during exams and surgeries, recording patient histories, administering medications and treatments, filling prescriptions, prepping patients for surgeries and client education. Cassy is always eager to meet new patients and owners.

"The staff is amazing at Picayune Veterinary Clinic," she says. "Everyone has really made me feel like a part of their family. I have firsthand experience of how much everyone cares about the animals. We really love them."

At home, Cassy has a Pit bull mix named Maggie, who she enjoys taking on walks at the dog park. Cassy enjoys spending time with her family, playing card games with her friends, going for walks, playing on the computer and reading and coloring with her daughter.

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Reiley Hall, Veterinary Technician

Reiley Hall joined the veterinary technician staff at Picayune Veterinary Clinic in January 2016. Her daily responsibilities include helping during surgery and taking X-Rays. She has a knack for making people laugh.

"I love all of my co-workers," Reiley says. "They have all become family to me."

At home, Reiley has a 4-month-old Boxer mix named Ruger. In addition to her knack for making people laugh, she's also skilled in teaching pets tricks.

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Arielle Whitaker, Veterinary Technician

Arielle Whitaker has been a veterinary technician at Picayune Veterinary Clinic since October 2007. Her job responsibilities include prepping patients for surgery, drawing blood, running lab work, taking X-rays, assisting veterinarians during examinations and taking care of hospitalized patients. Arielle especially enjoys assisting during surgery. She holds an associates degree from Pearl River Community College.

"I absolutely love Dr. Odom, Dr. Heath and Candice," she says. "They are the best people to be working for."

At home, Arielle has a 1-year-old Siberian husky named Archer and a 3-year-old grey and white tabby cat named Hitch. Archer can sit and lay down, but Hitch is the boss of the house. In her free time, Arielle enjoys reading, fishing, spending time with her husband and daughter and hanging out with her friends.

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Carla Seale, Receptionist

Carla Seale joined the staff at Picayune Veterinary Clinic in October 2014. Her job responsibilities include greeting and checking in clients, answering phones, fielding questions, scheduling appointments, taking payments and filing charts. Carla's favorite part of the job is greeting clients and making them feel comfortable. She also enjoys getting to know the clients and their pets.

"I have been a client at this hospital for years," she says, "and I know the clinic staff to be professional, friendly and compassionate. When the opportunity for employment became available, I knew this was the place for me."

At home, Carla has four dogs, seven cats and three horses. She enjoys cooking and spending time with her family and friends.

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Caitlin Palmer, Receptionist

Caitlin Palmer began her career in 2010 at Picayune Veterinary Clinic and has stayed ever since. Caitlin loves educating clients about heartworm prevention because, aside from spaying/neutering, it is the healthiest thing owners can do for their pets. She has a deep and personal understanding of the human and animal bond as her best friend in the world was her German shepherd.

"I love being given the opportunity every day to help pets and the people who love them," Caitlin says. "Every day I learn something new, and I have learned so much from the veterinarians and my co-workers."

Caitlin is called "Cat Woman" for a reason; at home, she has six cats named Kimhari, Flower, Bandit, Portia, RavenPaw and Jezzabelle. Caitlin also has five dogs named Beowulf, Bonnie, Kipper, Panzer and Tanya. Her furry family also includes three ferrets named Ron Weasley, Marie Annferrett, Minkerbelle. Caitlin enjoys reading, art, video games, gardening, horseback riding, shopping at flea markets, exploring cafes and trying new coffees, taking naps, walking with her dogs and eBay.

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Marissa Ladner, Receptionist

Marissa Ladner joined the Picayune Veterinary Clinic team in August 2016. This is her first job within an animal-related field although she's owned several types of animals throughout her life. Marissa has an associate degrees in arts and applied science. She enjoys learning new things daily and meeting clients and their pets. Some of her duties as receptionist include answering phones, greeting and building relationships with clients, scheduling appointments and follow ups and collecting payments.

"This clinic is very passionate about all of the pets we see daily. The staff is very family-oriented and is all around wonderful to work for, and with."

Marissa has several pets of her own and confesses to wanting a few more. She has two German Shepherds, 3-year-old Lucy and 2-year-old Gunner; three horses, 9-year-old Bama, 6-year-old Lady and 7-year-old Mazy; one pony, 31-year-old Sugar; nine dairy goats and four chickens. She raises AKC German Shepherds and ADGA purebred Nubians.

Outside of work, Marissa and her family are active year round with sports and family trail rides with horses and mules. She enjoys watching her children play basketball, baseball and football, as well as going to the creek and fishing.

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Carole Pickering, Receptionist, Assistant to Office Manager

Carole Pickering joined the team at Picayune Veterinary Clinic in October 2015. She's worked in the animal care field for about 20 years. She previously worked as a breeding coordinator for an equine and canine veterinary clinic, as well as managed a thoroughbred stallion and broodmare farm. Carole is responsible for inventory at the hospital, helping receptionists when needed and helping the office manager with daily clinical tasks. Her favorite part of the job is working with animals and people, and making new friends. Carole brings lots of experience working with animals to Picayune Veterinary Clinic. She holds an associate's degree from University of Southern Mississippi.

"I have brought my animals to Picayune Veterinary Clinic since it first opened," Carole says. "I know everyone and have the highest trust in the veterinarians and staff. They are a great group to be associated with and are like one big family."

At home, Carole has five dogs, two registered minis, and a 26-year-old quarter horse. In her free time, Carole enjoys taking care of her 10-acre farm along with her horses and dogs. She likes swimming in her pool, relaxing in the late afternoon and making custom wreaths. All in all, Carole enjoys the country life along with her animal family. She can't imagine a life without her land or her animals.

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Christina Seale, Kennel Assistant

Christina "Cricket" Seale joined Picayune Veterinary Clinic in April 2012. She is responsible for the care and wellbeing of pets boarding at the kennel. This includes feeding, walking, administering medication, cleaning and playing with the hospital's furry friends. Christina's favorite part of the job is learning new things on a daily basis. She's also the one responsible for tending to the beautiful flowers around the hospital.

"We are all like a family," Christina says. "It is a wonderful environment to work in every day."

At home, Christina has a German shepherd named Minka, three quarter horses, one Paso Fino horse, one ragdoll cat and a Welsh Pony. She works with Minka on agility and obedience training. Furthermore, Christina barrel races, ranch sorts, team pens and trail rides her horses. In her free time, Christina enjoys gardening, hiking and exploring.

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Megan Jackson, Kennel Assistant

Kennel Assistant Megan Jackson is a kennel assistant at Picayune Veterinary Clinic. Her responsibilities include cleaning cages, walking dogs and cleaning the clinic. She's currently at work on her bachelor's degree. At home, Megan has a standard Daschund named Mr. Weenie.

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Lacy Lee, Kennel Assistant

Biography coming soon!

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